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Mission and vision

The goal of this website is twofold:

  1. To maintain a database of "Future Weather Building Performance Simulation" studies.

  2. Making the database available to researchers in the areas of building physics, climate modeling, and sustainability.

By maintaining a readily available database of "Future Weather Building Performance Simulation" studies it is my vision that it will enable researchers to refine their studies by providing a platform for comparisons. 

I strive to provide an unbiased database of articles. At the same time the quality of the articles is also considered. Therefore, an article has to meet two sets of criteria before it is added to this website.


Criterion 1: The article must include the key elements of the method: project (CMIP), global climate model, regional climate model (if used), scenario, downscaling method (if used) and simulation engine.


Criterion 2: The article must be using a somewhat recent dataset relative to the publication year: 2004-2019 CMIP3, 2011-2026 CMIP5, 2019-2034 CMIP6.

Created for the International Building Physics Conference 2021

This website was created to accompany my conference paper "Utilization of Climate Files Predicting Future Weather in Dynamic Building Performance Simulation – A review". My poster was presented in session 11: Extreme climate & climate adaptation. The conference paper can be downloaded from IOP Science and poster can be downloaded by clicking the links below.


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